Friday, 24 March 2017

Cancer We all Suffer


My nephew, it's important to make sure our relatives have regular checkups with the doctor. When you notice something has changed. so many people don't feel well and they put off seeing a doctor and in some cases even talking about it.

My nephew had moved out to Province and had been working in Manitoba. 32 years old young lad with great health. Working out at the gym twice a day. Eating healthy working each day. He's rod buster. Hard laborious job....despite this  he loves it. They build condo's, commercial builds.. etc. These are the hero's the guys in the cold weather. slugging away despite the cold temperatures and cold wind.

Daniel had a lump in the side of his neck that seemed to grow and than disappear. He wasn't alarmed by it brushed it off to de-hydration or a small infection.  His mother when he came visit in Ontario was highly concerned and stressed he visit a doctor. Upon his returns he was diagnosed with Sarcarcinoma stage 4 of the head and neck. The specific diagnosis I"m not sure of. Wow.. talk about a slap in the ........ who would have ever thought. We are a healthy family. How could this happen to us? One of our family members at such a young age? 

He began aggressive radiation and chemotherapy treatment. Of course initially he researched alternative treatments but settled with what's know to work, and who wouldn't. We know it kills healthy cells but it's a chance to survive. Everyone wants to live when it really comes down to it. 

He's done the treatment which has left him skinny as a rail and most difficult to eat as the inside of his mouth is blistered. His tongue is a giant blister.  He's finished the scheduled treatment he was so frail he had to return to Ontario to get health again. He had no choice but to leave his job. He has no intention of claiming Disability. His intention is to get health and return to work. Disability would be a nail in the coffin for him, in his mind. 

Very important for those of us working for private non-unionized companies to have private health insurance to cover us in-case something does come upon us. I have set up a gofund fundraiser for my nephew...for his return home. It's enough to get him back in his apartment and a few month worth of expenses while his health returns. If you wish to donate great.. the biggest message here is not to help Daniel but to let your young family members know it's important for them to seek medical treatment when something doesn't seem right. Don't wait. Had Daniel waited a few more months his prognosis would have been a life sentence 2 to 5 years, even at his young age. 

Here is a link to the fundraiser.... please read the update about his treatment at a world renowned airport, Pearson Airport.. Not okay... enjoy the day. Sending you love to your family.
Daniel and Cancer Recovery: Gofund me webpage

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